MG 6 Automatic Conversion

We were commissioned by Summit Garage in Dudley to convert a manual MG6 into an automatic MG6 for a customer of theirs who wanted an MG6 but prefers automatic cars. Always up for a challenge Chris agreed and a donor car was sourced for the gearbox and parts needed. As you can see from the pictures below the gearbox fits perfectly in the 6, the hardest part was marrying up the 2 management systems to ensure the car functioned as normal. Ever the perfectionist Chris mounted the gear lever and switches into the original facia to ensure the conversion looked as factory as possible. With a Kmaps upgrade to the ECU to aid performance and fuel consumption, the MG6 was returned to Summit Garage and its very happy new owner. the car has been test driven by Safety Fast magazine editor, Andy Knott who was very impressed with how smooth the gear change is and how well the car drives.